Collab Anyone?

2008-10-28 04:24:53 by Dark-Helmet1

Looking for ppl to do a collab. I already started a little game, where you play as a stick.

And I have a little battle system.

So... what I need is a coder and a designer. (I do both a little, but I'm more pro at designing)
To get a cool and nicely working RPG-Fighter.

Comment or PM me if you're interested in working together. d-_-b

Collab Anyone?


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2009-03-23 16:21:49

heh a ball enemy... lol

Dark-Helmet1 responds:

Just a test :P


2009-03-28 17:59:44

Holy shit son. You're 11? I started Flash at 12 and I could first do that at like..13. xD

Dark-Helmet1 responds:

Oh hey john XD. What can i say... I learn pretty hard... or no :P. Have done Flash half-a-year now.